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The Art That Adorns You - Open House Weekend

We're back with our open house weekend in 2018! Nine in the morning to six in the evening for two full days packed with splendid classes led by the most wonderful of instructors, a pair of very unique tournaments offering you a chance to take home some special shiny things for your mantelpiece, the finest in lunchtime entertainment, some sublime lectures and much more.

Expect our usual levels of fun, shenanigans and smiles with (of course) plenty of amazing instructors giving you some excellent HEMA classes. There will also be a number of lectures and a handling session of a selection of authentic and incredibly beautiful reproduction arms from James Elmslie.

There will be ample amounts of cake, tea, coffee and scones to keep you firing on all cylinders for the duration and you're welcome to help yourselves to the facilities. This is our "open house" weekend at our regular training venue and we want you to feel welcome and to treat our home like your own.

The tuck shop will also be back with all proceeds from this going to a local charity, and the supremely talented Valerie Widdowson will be on site documenting the weekend for us. There will also be our usual pub quiz on Saturday night so be sure to join us as we descend into very loosely organised chaos.

Tickets are priced at £65 for the full weekend (including entry to the members only York Tap Room on Saturday night and all you can eat pizza). Tickets for the Saturday night ONLY (ideal for partners, friends etc who also wish to attend) are priced at £10.

Saturday 31st March - Sunday 1st April
"The Art That Adorns You 2018" - £65

Saturday 31st March
"SATURDAY EVENING ONLY - The Art That Adorns You 2018" - £10

Itinerary and Timetables:
Friday 30th March
Nothing is formally planned for Friday the 30th of March however we are planning to meet for drinks at Stonegate Yard, 8-10 Stonegate, York YO1 8AX from 7:00PM. The food served is excellent should anyone be hungry and we have reserved a space upstairs for event attendees.

Saturday 31st March
Training will commence at 9:00AM and conclude at 6:00PM. The timetable for the day is being confirmed. On Saturday evening we have reserved the Tap Room above York Brewery, 12 Toft Green, York YO1 6JT from 7:00PM. We're expecting a delivery of a metric tonne of pizza for everyone to help themselves to from 8:00PM.

Sunday 1st April
Training will commence at 9:00AM and conclude at 6:00PM. The timetable for the day is being confirmed.

Confirmed so far:
Bob Brooks - Backsword
Bob Brooks - Arse Trumpets, Rocket Cats and Badly Drawn Elephants (lecture)
Jason L. Cook - Pugilism
James Elmslie - Single Edged Medieval Weaponry (lecture and handling session)
Jennifer Garside - To be confirmed
Christopher Halpin - Catch wrestling
Lauren Ireland - Langes messer
Luke Ireland - Pollaxe from Fiore de'i Liberi
Susan Kirk - Smallsword
James Marwood - Bartitsu
Stuart Peers - Sword and Buckler from MS I.33
Discipulus Artis Dimicatoriae Trophy (mixed weapons tournament)
The 'Oz' Cup (pugilism tournament)